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King for the Weekend

I sure felt like a King in Texas this past weekend. Me, Producerman and Trice were in Houston all weekend and celebrated the grand opening of 6 stores - 4 Dick's Sporting Goods and 2 Field & Stream stores. It was a blast, and a BIG TEXAS-SIZED THANK YOU to everyone who came out to meet us, check out the new stores, pick up some great tackle deals and just spend time sharing fish stories. We had a blast, and I really felt like a King with that kind of warm welcome!

Speaking of Kings . . . how about catching some smokers? Well, that's exactly what Capt. Chris Camps has me doing in this week's episode from Tampa Bay. When Capt. Chris called to say the Tampa Bay fishery was going off, I didn't give it a second thought. I just grabbed my gear and my Skeeter SX240 tower boat and headed over. I love being up there, driving and looking for fish, and fishing under the Skyway bridge in it is pretty darn cool. Hooking into smoker kingfish that day was just the icing on the cake!

Check out "King for a Day" on Pursuit Monday at 7 a.m. and Wednesday at 12:30 a.m. (ET). If you miss it on TV, just catch the replay on our YouTube channel.

I'm heading down to Boca Raton this weekend to open another Florida Dick's Sporting Goods store. I'll be in the store on Friday morning from 8 a.m. - Noon and then again on Saturday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. I'll help you pick out the perfect Flats Blue or Flats Pink rod and FREE Sabalos reel to go with it. Need some lures? I'll help you find the right DOA, Mogan Series Mirrolures and Pro-Cure scent to go with it. I can even show you the perfect knot to tie on your Seaguar fluorocarbon and Smackdown braid. Come out and see me!

Until next week . . . tight lines,
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Texas Here We Come!

We fished Capt. Tony Melton last season for the episode "Melton Drags" and caught some nice tripletail and shark. Had a blast, and knew we'd be fishing again with him someday. We did fish with him again, and we get to show you in this week's episode "Salty Surprise." This episode is the outcome of a day well-spent on the water with Capt. Tony once again.

Check out "Salty Surprise" on Pursuit on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. (ET). We're catching a little bit of everything, surprised by a couple of hook ups too. If you miss it on Sunday, then catch it on our YouTube channel too. If you're in the mood for some kingfish later, tune in to Pursuit on Monday at 7:00 a.m. and Wednesday at 12:30 a.m. for "King for a Day." We're fishing with Capt. Chris Camps in Tampa Bay for kingfish and having a blast! 

We're heading to Texas!! It's going to be a BIG TEXAS STYLE weekend at Dick's Sporting Goods and Field & Stream too. We're opening 6 new stores in 3 days in the Houston area, and I'm not the only one celebrating the fun - Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Si Robertson, Roger Clemens, Warren Moon, Kerri Walsh Jennings, and many more!! Here's my schedule, hope to see y'all there:

Friday (Oct. 21st) – 9:00 am – NOON – WILLOWBROOK (DICK’S)
Friday (Oct. 21st) – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm – WOODLANDS (DICK’S)

Saturday (Oct. 22nd) – 9:00 am – NOON – KATY (FIELD & STREAM)
Saturday (Oct. 22nd) – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm – DEERBROOK (DICK’S)

Sunday (Oct. 23rd) – 9:00 am – NOON – BAYBROOK (FIELD & STREAM)
Sunday (Oct. 23rd) – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm – SUGAR LAND (DICK’S)

Until next week . . . tight lines,
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Going Big in Texas

I'm fishing with Capt. Butch Butler on Sunday's episode, and we're catching largemouth bass, using DOA's new freshwater lures. Now, I know I always say, "It's a Saltwater Show Brotha!" but I've gotten so many requests from viewers over the 17 years of doing AF, that we all figured it was time to do a bass show. And, what better lake in Florida to fish than Lake O? Check it out on the Pursuit Channel, Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

Then on Monday at 7:00 a.m. and on Wednesday at 12:30 a.m., I'm back in Baffin Bay, Texas fishing with Capt. Aubrey Black. You last saw me a couple of weeks ago fishing with Capt. Aubrey's better half, Capt. Sally Black, and now Aubrey takes me back out catching Texas redfish and trout. If you miss any of the episodes on TV, you can always catch it on our YouTube channel . . . Mr. Producerman has it up there for y'all to watch any time you want!

It's perfect that I'm fishing in Texas on the next episode, because I'm coming out to Texas next weekend! I'll be spending the entire weekend at the Grand Opening events for six (6) Dick's Sporting Goods / Field & Stream stores in the Houston area. I'll be at 2 stores a day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (October 21st, 22nd and 23rd). Where and when to find me is listed below:

Friday (Oct. 21st) – 9:00 am – NOON – WILLOWBROOK (DICK’S)
Friday (Oct. 21st) – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm – WOODLANDS (DICK’S)

Saturday (Oct. 22nd) – 9:00 am – NOON – KATY (FIELD & STREAM)

Saturday (Oct. 22nd) – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm – DEERBROOK (DICK’S)

Sunday (Oct. 23rd) – 9:00 am – NOON – BAYBROOK (FIELD & STREAM)
Sunday (Oct. 23rd) – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm – SUGAR LAND (DICK’S)

There is A LOT going on that weekend . . . a lot of cool deals (buy a Flats Blue/Flats Pink rod and get a Sabalos reel for free), country music stars, Houston area athletes and ME!! Check out the website for details, sales and awesome folks you can meet. Hope to see you there!

Until next week . . . tight lines,
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Sally's World

I'm in South Texas in this week's episode. I was down there for a grand opening of Dick's Sporting Goods in Brownsville, TX last October and while allllll the way down there, we decided to fish Baffin Bay. We got to fish with two of the nicest people in South Texas - Captains Sally and Aubrey Black. This week's episode is me fishing with Capt. Sally . . . wade fishing in the shallow waters of Baffin Bay. She's the real deal y'all! Capt. Sally and her husband Aubrey also own and operate the Baffin Bay Rod & Gun where we stayed, were fed and welcomed with warm hospitality. Now, I highly recommend y'all give this a try. Beautiful redfish and black drum, great accommodations and folks who know the fishery and will put you on some fish. What a more could you ask for? 

Tune into Pursuit Channel on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. and then again on Monday 7 a.m. (ET), and Wednesday 12:30 a.m. (ET). If you miss it, check out our YouTube channel for over 600 videos . . . that's a lot of rod bendin' drag screamin' saltwater action y'all!

October must mean Texas to us and Dick's Sporting Goods, because we're heading back there this October . . . in fact, we'll be in Houston the weekend of October 21st. We're opening 6 stores in 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)! I'll fill you in on the schedule and locations coming up, and Mr. Producerman will have it on our Facebook page too. Dick's and Field & Stream are going all out for this blitz in Houston, so we're super excited!

Heading out now to board up my parents' house in Cocoa Beach and to check and see if anyone in my hometown needs help. We're bracing for Hurricane Matthew here in the Sunshine State . . . if you're under a mandatory evacuation, please take heed. Will check in once the storms pass.  

Until next week . . . tight lines and stay safe,
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On Pursuit

AF is now airing on Pursuit Channel . . . we'll be bringing our 2016 episodes to the national audience from now until March, so watch and enjoy! Tune into Pursuit - Mondays 7 a.m. (ET), Wednesdays 12:30 a.m. (ET) and Sundays at 5:30 p.m. (ET). First episode of the season is Goldfish, I'm catching monster Redfish on the Space Coast with Capt. Jamie Glasner. I love when I can show off the fishery where I grew up, fished all my life, and know like the back of my hand. Y'all need to put the Space Coast on your bucket list to visit! 

Next new episode airs on Monday morning at 7 a.m. (ET) starts the 2nd week on Pursuit with "Sally's World." If you miss an episode, or don't get the cable network, don't worry, you can watch it on our YouTube channel anytime, anywhere. Also next week I can share some pretty big news with y'all. I already gave you a hint last week, but here it is again . . . I'll be in Texas next month and can't wait to meet y'all again. We'll have details on FB too.

If you're in the Tampa Bay area next weekend, I'll be hosting a day of fun for Beavertail Skiffs in Ruskin. They're throwing a day of hanging out, casting contests, silent auction and Beavertail skiffs (my Vengeance will be there). I'll be there on Saturday, October 8th from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. so please stop on by and say "Hey!" For more details, visit the event page on FB - "Meet the Mogan Man."

I'll see y'all later . . . have a safe and happy weekend, be good to one another. 

Tight lines,
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Season Finale

That's another season in the history books! I've been to Texas, Tortugas, and all around Florida this season and man, I had fun! This week's episode I'm taking a look back at the season and showing you some highlights of the good, the bad and the bloopers. We're on set at the MPI studios, and we've also got some musical guests, The Mogan Music Boys, playing us in and out of each segment, LIVE. Don't miss it! Had a blast and can't wait to do it again . . .

Check out the 2016 "Season Finale" on Fox Sports Sun tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. (ET). You can also catch the replay on Sunday night at 9:30 p.m. (ET) and again Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m. (ET) If you don't get Fox Sports Sun on your TV, catch it on our YouTube channel Mondays at 7 p.m. (ET) . . . Producerman gets it up there for y'all to watch, every Monday at 7 p.m.

For all y'all who don't live in Florida or the Southeast, we'll be taking the 2016 season and coming to the rest of the nation on the Pursuit Channel. Starting on Monday, September 26th at 7 a.m. (ET), you can now catch Addictive Fishing episodes! The shows will air on Wednesday at 12:30 a.m. (ET) and Sundays at 5:30 p.m. (ET). Tune and and tight lines! Wait, and that's not all we've got for ya . . . check out our YouTube channel for exclusive webisodes, fishing tips, highlights, and AF Live webcasts. Here's a knot tying video for you to practice: 

We've got a busy October coming up for y'all too . . . If you're in the Tampa Bay area, please come out and join us at the Beavertail Skiffs event on Saturday, October 8th. Check out the Facebook event page for details!! 

Also can't wait to fill you in on where else we'll be in October. Here's a hint - we'll be in Texas too!!

Until next week . . . tight lines,
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