Steinhatchee Inshore Fishing

Mustard Mouth Trout
This week's episode is from Steinhatchee, Florida - one of my favorite places to fish in the winter. It's one of those places that still feels like old Florida complete with spanish moss and friendly people everywhere. We spent the night at the Sea Hag Marina and headed out the next morning with Capt Brett Molzen. I kept saying this was my first time fishing Steinhatchee, but my memory was failing me, and I didn't have my producer on set to correct me. I have fished in Steinhatchee many years ago with an old salty dog, Capt Randall Leger. Check out that episode here.  As I get older my guests are getting younger, Brett was my son's age, but he had this place dialed in. We headed out early and fished a nice flat and started throwing Mirrodines by Mirrolure. Both of us caught schoolie sized trout to start the day. Capt Brett caught a mystery fish or should I say snagged a mystery fish. It put up a good fight but turned out to be a mullet. We ended the morning with two more trout. Each fish was bigger than the last one, so the day was getting better. Mid day was slack tide so Brett called for us to head to his redfish spot, so we did. He told me to tie on a topwater Mirrolure. I was skeptical. I don't usually throw topwater in the winter, but I listened to my guide, and it payed off. A nice slot sized redfish came up and slammed the topwater. We got the hit from two camera angles. Awesome job guys! The fight was on and when it came to the boat, it was a beautiful Steinhatchee redfish. I brought a new Mirrodine color to this shoot and was trying it out. Good think I stayed with it, the last fish of the day was the best! A solid speckled seatrout to close the show and on a new bait by Mirrolure. You can't beat that. Called Eric Bachnik, owner of L&S Bait Company on the way home to tell him the new color works. He was happy to hear that we had captured all of the R&D on film!