Mosquito Lagoon Seatrout and Redfish

Blair Redfish Kiss
Mosquito Lagoon is one of those places where if the fish aren't biting in one spot, move to another one and it could turn on. We were fishing with a good friend, Capt Jon Lulay. Jon was our first camera boat driver back in the beginning, so it was about time to put him in front of the camera. Jon has become one of the top sight fishing guides for trout in Mosquito Lagoon. He wanted to start in the southern part of the Lagoon where he had caught fish the day before. Unfortunately, the wind had other plans. It was tough to see anything or sight cast to fish for that matter. We caught a small redfish but the conditions weren't improving. I suggested we move North to one of my secret spots, and it payed off big. As we were coming into the flat, I saw a large shadow off to my right. If this was a trout, it was a mogan. I flipped out my DOA CAL paddletail and she ate it. The biggest speckled seatrout I've hooked in years on the Space Coast. The fight was on. The adrenaline rush when you see the size of this fish is hard to explain. This is what I live for. I caught many big trout in my career, and the rush never fades.

This episode features an Indian River Lagoon Clam Project update too. The team put over 300,000 clams in the river down in Rockledge, and we brought the film crew along to document the process. Special thanks to Whitney Labs and CCA Florida. If you watch us on YouTube, check out the new "Chapters" feature. Click on SHOW MORE in the description, click chapters, and jump to different sections of the episode. Love it! Thanks YouTube.


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