Marco Island Florida Fishing Inshore Slam

Blair Snook
This week's episode took us to Marco Island, Florida to fish with Capt Chris Broome fishing for an inshore slam. Capt Chris was confident he could put us on one of the most difficult feats in fishing - catching a trout, snook, redfish and tarpon all in the same day. What makes it more difficult is when we bring two boats, 2 camera guys, my son and another person to run the camera boat. It was a short ride to our first spot to target snook and redfish. We caught each of these 2 species, so the next species to catch was the most difficult - the tarpon. We set the Minn Kota iPilot on spot lock to keep us in the current and casted out our live baits up current and hoped for a tarpon. The fishing gods were looking down on us that day as we hooked and boated a nice sized tarpon. We headed out to the beach to catch a speckled seatrout and got it done. A grand slam, 4 species in one day all while the cameras were rolling. Enjoy!


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