Beavertails, Skeeters and Miami

Capt Blair Wiggins Beavertail Skiffs

We are proud to announce Beavertail Skiffs will be the exclusive flats skiff sponsor of Addictive Fishing! I love the fishability, smooth dry ride, and ability to get back up in shallow, skinny waters where the fish hide. My dream job just got dreamier . . . adding Beavertail to our arsenal . . . well, I couldn’t be happier. Together, Addictive Fishing, and Beavertail Skiffs will be doing some exciting things in the upcoming years. 

Beavertail Skiffs is owned and operated by Will and Elizabeth Leslie of Aeon Marine, LLC. These folks are a quality family and run a tight, smooth operation out of Bradenton, Florida. Through consultation with some of the finest fishing guides in the shallow water industry, Beavertail Skiffs are engineered and built with zero compromises and advanced technology - offering artistic design with the very best in performance, quality and durability. For more information visit: #BTSkiffsLIfeIsGood

Capt Blair Wiggins and Beavertail Will

“We’re so excited about our new relationship with Addictive Fishing," said Will Leslie, Owner and VP Sales of Beavertail Skiffs. “We have a brand new Beavertail Skiffs model - the 18 Air - and can’t wait to see this new, high-performance, flats boat crossover showcased on AF TV as Capt. Blair poles through skinny water and sight-fishes saltwater fisheries everywhere. The upcoming seasons of Addictive Fishing are going to showcase a great new partnership between Beavertail Skiffs and Capt. Blair Wiggins. Can’t wait!"

Producerman, Kevin McCabe says, “Having Beavertail Skiffs on the team in addition to our Skeeter bay boats is a production dream! Both are quality boat companies and their unique and specific applications give us a wider variety of production scenarios. Viewers will get to see the versatility of Capt. Blair’s fishing styles, and all that he can do. It’s the best of both worlds.” 

Capt Blair Wiggins with Mini Mogans

I'm heading out to Miami today to join both Skeeter Boats and Beavertail Skiffs in their booths for the weekend. I truly couldn't be prouder to have two of the best boat manufacturers in the industry on the AF Team, and can't wait to take you through my bay boat and my new skiff. Here's my schedule for the Miami Boat Show - Thursday, February 11th - Sunday, February 14th, each day:
Hope to see y'all there! I have a few special surprises and give-aways, so stop by to say hello, snap a photo with me and maybe walk away with a new Flats Pink or Flats Blue rod.

Rugged Meats
We've also signed on another new sponsor this year, Rugged Meats. They are an all natural, high quality, on-the-go nutrition, protein packed meat stick. If you're anything like me, when I'm on the boat all day I hardly eat, and by the time I pull into my driveway, I'm crashing hard from low fuel. The only reason I tried Rugged Meats sticks in the first place was because they are all natural and made from wild boar, no ingredients on the label that I can't pronounce. It's easy, convenient and tasty. 

Rugged Meat Original Stick

"Rugged Meats is extremely excited to team up with Addictive Fishing and Capt. Blair Wiggins! Rugged Meats is the go to snack for powering the active outdoor lifestyle and that is exactly what Addictive Fishing and Capt. Blair Wiggins are all about! We love finding other people who are as passionate about the outdoors as we are, and we are excited about what this partnership means for us, for Addictive Fishing, Capt. Blair Wiggins and all of his great fans out there!," says Jim Kuntzelman - President of Rugged Meats. 

Jim will be at a "Valentine's day shoot" at Adventures Archery off of US Hwy 301 in Tampa, on Friday, February 12th from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. If you're in the Tampa Bay area and can stop in to meet Jim, tell him the Mogan Man sent ya! 

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