Hot Enough for Ya?

Capt Blair Wiggins Bull Shark

Man - is it hot or what?! Someone turned up the heat down here in Florida, and the only way to cool me down is get out on the water. Ha! Been a couple of crazy weeks for me, but starting to slow down for a little bit so I can catch my breath, and then I head out again. Just back from South Carolina opening a new Dick's Sporting Goods store, before that, I was at the DOA Writers' Fest, then right before that I was in Islamorada capturing some underwater shark footage for this week's episode. So, while I've been running around, I hope y'all have been watching the episodes? 

Capt Blair Wiggins with Young Fan

Last weekend I got to spend Father's Day in Mt. Pleasant, SC at the newest Dick's Sporting Goods store. Had a great time meeting some new faces and fans of the show. The Charleston area is one of my favorite places to visit, and even though they're going through some challenging times right now, it's still one of the most beautiful, hospitable and rich-in-history places I've ever been. We'll be back up before the summer's over, so if you didn't make it out this time, stay updated on Facebook and the AF website for details and dates for when I'll be back! 

Capt Blair Wiggins and Dad Billy

How'd your Father's Day go? Just a while back I got to take my Dad out on the water and boy did we have fun . . . I got to put him on his biggest snook ever! It's always a good time, good laugh and fun fishing with Daddy Wig. 

This week's episode was shot with Capt. Tony Melton . . . we called it "Melton Drags" because that's exactly what we did that day, melt some drags on Tripletail and Sharks. We went down to Islamorada last month and shot this episode. Had a great time with Capt. Tony, he told me it'd been awhile since he was the one fighting the fish so when he hooked into a Mogan bull shark late in the day, I think he was sorry he ever shared that bit of information with me. Ha! Got his arms stretched a bit. Tune in tomorrow (Friday) at 9:00 a.m., Sunday at 9:30 p.m. or Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. on Fox Sun Sports for this week's episode "Melton Drags." 

Just a little bit of rest before I'm back on the road.

Until next week . . . tight lines,