Capt Blair Wiggins Biggest Snook

What's bigger than Snookzilla? Snook-squatch! Went fishing with Capt. Greg Snyder just a couple of weeks ago in Jensen Beach and caught my biggest snook of my life. I get to show you in this week's episode and I can't wait! Here's the scoop, we went down to Jensen Beach and tried to film a couple of episodes with Capt. Greg Snyder and Capt. Ed Zyak. Went out with Capt. Greg first day and had a rough start to the day. It was hot, nothing big biting, we had to outrun some storms and almost called it quits late in the afternoon. So we hid under the 10 cent bridge and s we were casting for the 400th time, I hooked into something huge and lost it. My stomach sank . . . but I knew they were here! Then Greg casts and hooks into something that feels pretty decent and pulls in a sweet 42 inch snook. Now, I'm happy for him an all . . . after all it was his birthday, but I'm feeling a little left out, right? 

Filming Baitbuster Bridge Episode

So, I'm casting, and casting, I'm throwing a deep diving DOA Baitbuster by the bridge, I'm actually doing a "tip" for the camera on using the baitbuster when all of a sudden I feel a thump . . . it felt like a good fish, but when I got the first look at it I think I may have freaked out a bit! It was a beast! Both Greg and me had to hold on to her at first when we got her to the boat. Once I was sure I had a hold, I told Greg to let go. I got her into the boat and measured her on the boat. I got my personal best snook, ever that day - 48 inches! Happy Birthday Greg and an early Happy Birthday to me too I guess, my birthday was only 4 days away. Can't wait to show y'all this episode.

I was just over at the MPI Studios yesterday shooting some stuff for our upcoming "Bits and Bites" episode and got to get a quick sneak peak of the segment where I'm fighting that big snook. Got my heart pumping and my knees shaking again. Wait until you see how much my 7'6" Flats Blue rod is bent over fighting that 48 inch Snook-squatch! If you've ever wanted to know if those rods have the backbone needed to catch big fish - you'll get to see it in action with your own eyes on this episode. 

The second day we went out with Capt. Ed Zyak and the conditions had changed, completely different than the day before. Capt. Ed was also just back from a 10 day road trip out in Texas for DOA Lures and this was his first day back on the water. We had a great day tooling around in my Skeeter SX240 and playing with all the gadgets (especially since Capt. Ed's also a Pro for Humminbird - I always learn something new from him), but the fish just weren't biting. That's all right, we'll be back to Jensen Beach, River Palm Cottages and will be visiting those snook again soon. 

Tune in tomorrow, Friday, August 8th at 10:30 a.m. ET on Fox SunSports for this week's episode "Baitbuster Bridge." Check the AF website for replay times on Sunday and Wednesday. 

Until next week . . . tight lines,