Chummin' with my Buddy

Brown Dog Buddy Puppy

I just saw someone post a Pet TBT photo on Facebook and I think I really like that idea a lot better than looking at my face from years ago. Here's one of my little guy Buddy. He was just a pup here, now he's going on 5 years old. This kid makes me laugh and is one of the fastest dogs I've ever met. How many of y'all out there have some throwbacks of your pups? 

I'm fishing with an old friend of mine from Tampa in this week's episode, Capt. Chad Manning. Capt. Chad called and said he was on some snook, as long as we threw live bait, we'd get an episode. So I rigged my Flats Blue rods up, put on some fresh Seaguar leader (y'all who have fished snook a lot know that they can sure beat up your leader), and a new spool of FINS XS (8 strand extra smooth and strong). I also made sure I had plenty of Trokar hooks too.

Now I had thrown chum before, sometimes it's necessary, but I don't think I've ever seen THIS much chum thrown at one time. My producer gave him the alias "Chumley Mandingo" after about the 40th swing of the chum bat (not 40, just kidding). Capt. Chad is a good captain, I highly recommend him, he will put ya on the fish. He put me in the right spots, and I get to show you some sweet Tampa Bay snook in tomorrow's episode "Tampa Chums" (Friday, May 16th at 10:30 a.m. ET on Fox SunSports). Check the AF website for replay times on Sunday and Wednesday.

View from Emerald Grande in Destin

I'm heading up to Destin again, but this time without the cameras and my crew.  I'm still going fishin' though. I'm fishing the 9th Annual Old Nick's Redfish Roundup on Saturday, May 17th - (Click here for video and details).  My friends and Skeeter dealer, Legendary Marine invited me to fish the tournament and speak on Friday, May 16th for the "Fishing Like a Pro" seminar. Here's the info you need:

Legendary Marine Seminar Ad
Join us and have some fun with some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet. The food is always tasty, drinks are cold and the fishing should be a lot of fun. Even if you can't make it . . . have a great weekend. 

Until next week . . . tight lines,