special delivery

This is a week full of deliveries! We have the NEW Mogan Series MirrOlures being delivered to Florida Dick’s locations, the Flats Blue travel rod was delivered as part of our new promotion and a NEW episode of Addictive Fishing is being delivered for your viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to have the flowers delivered to mom for Mother’s Day!

These Just In
The Mogan Series MirrOlures are here! Get to any Dick’s location in Florida and pick up the NEW Mogan Series MirrOlures that feature TroKar hooks and the Mogan Man’s stamp of approval. Check out the ad in Coastal Angler Magazine or on the Addictive Fishing Facebook page.

Flats Blues Traveler
Part of the fun in doing this show is that we get to interact and bring our fans into the mix. We have a fun new promotion for the Flats Blue travel rod and will be looking for some assistance from the Mogan Militia. Here’s the deal, we will give away some Flats Blue travel rods but there’s a catch. After using the rod for a couple of weeks, we want a report and pictures. Then the rod needs to be passed off to another angler who will do the same. The first Flats Blue Traveler was passed along to Jack in Jacksonville last week. Jack has two weeks to spank as many fish as he can before passing it on to the next angler. This week, rod #2 was taken to Blair’s hometown and presented to the Cocoa Beach High School Fishing Club. If you’re going to be in the Bahamas next week, stop by the Bimini Big Game Club to claim Flats Blues Traveler #3. We’re waiting!

Another Winner
Congratulations Bryan Hollingsworth of Tampa! Bryan filled out an online entry form for our Minn Kota/Humminbird Giveaway and won a NEW Minn Kota Talon. Don’t be left out of the tackle bag full of entries! Fill out your online entry at AddictiveFishing.com or come out to see the Mogan Man on tour. You could be the next winner of a Minn Kota Talon or Humminbird 385ci Fishfinder.

Coming Up on Addictive Fishing
Capt. Blair heads to St. Augustine, Florida for the cobia run but ends up fishing for tripletail on the buoy line with Capt. Jason Keating. Catch the excitement Friday @ 10:30 am, Sunday @ 9:30 pm and again on Tuesday @ 6:00 am on SunSports. Can’t get enough Addictive Fishing on the tube? Subscribe to the AFYouTube channel. It’s FREE and airs any episode at the click of a mouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an added bonus, Mr. Producer will throw in this week’s episode in its entirety on Tuesday!

Mogan of the Week
The Mogan Lounge hit 1600 this week but it’s not standing room only. We can still squeeze in a few more friends. Shane Trottier was right on queue with his picture of a tripletail to match this week’s episode. But it was the picture of Shane’s son with his first trout that nudged him out of the spot for Mogan of the Week. Nice work guys! Keep those pictures coming!

Not your average carrier pigeon,