St Petersburg Florida Tarpon Fishing

Tampa Bay Snook
Summertime means tarpon in Tampa Bay. Capt Chris Camps phoned Producerman and said the tarpon are at Egmont Key. We got the crew together for a quick one day shoot and it was on. Headed out of Maximo Marina in St. Petersburg and right to the pier to catch bait. Capt Blair throws the cast net two times, and they have enough bait to start fishing. We head over to Egmont Key. Notice a few boats idling around but no one is catching anything, so we motor right into the drop-off by shore and see fish on the Humminbird. The Captains scramble to rig up rods and get baits on hooks. We notice a few boats have recognized the Mogan Man and begin to move in our spot. That is when the monster hit! Capt Chris is not ready but gets a strong hookup on a monster tarpon. For the next hour, the behemoth pulls the 24' Skeeter bay boat around the flats while boats look on. The fish was a monster! We end the day snook fishing on the beach just off of Ft. Desoto and end the episode with great family fishing fun. If you want to watch the full episode "Summer Camp" click the link below, share it with your friends and leave a comment below.