Georgia Offshore Sheepshead

Capt Jimmy Armel and Blair Wiggins Sheepshead
If you're headed to Tybee Island, Georgia, you might not think about targeting sheepshead offshore. We met Army Ranger Veteran named, Capt Jimmy Armel. He is a ball of energy. He has got a fishery dialed in like I've never seen. He can take you right to the spot and hook you up with one of the most delicious fish in the ocean - the sheepshead. We met at the ramp at O dark thirty. It was a cold, winter morning with the temperatures hovering just above freezing. We knew it would warm up some, so we made the fridged run 3 miles offshore and hit spot lock on the Minn Kota to keep us right on the spot. The bite was finicky but Capt Blair got it done with his first offshore sheepshead. We finished up the day and headed to "The Wyld Dock Bar" restaurant to finish our catch and cook segment with a how to fillet sheepshead segment and how to cook it Savannah style. Check out the full episode of "Tybee Convicts" below, share it with your friends and leave a comment below.


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