Everglades Fishing for Monster Tarpon

Everglades Tarpon
This episode is dedicated to Eric Bachnik - the owner of L&S Bait Company in Largo, Florida. Eric and his staff have been making Mirrolures since 1937. We have thrown Mirrolures our whole life. Eric called one day and said the new Mirrodine XXL was ready to be field-tested. We love to field test lures with cameras rolling to show the proof. This episode was a slam dunk. We headed down to the Everglades to fish with Capt Jim Hobales from Miami. We started the day drifting a flat and big tarpon were slamming the new Mirrodine but no hook ups. Jim recommended heading outside first and let the tide get right in the back country and these fish should eat. So we made a short run, Talon'd down just outside of the mangroves, and Capt Blair hooks his first tarpon on live bait. It's an awesome fight! Jim says you ready to go back inside and drift those flats again, and the whole crew smiled. Those fish in the backcountry were much bigger than these fish. Capt Blair whacks a monster tarpon on the Mirrodine XXL. This fish was a beast, and we made an XXL believer out of Capt Jim Hobales on this trip. Watch the full episode of "Flamingo XXL" below, share it with your friends and leave a comment below.