Boca Grand Fishing for Inshore Slam

Blair Redfish
If you're an inshore fisherman, then an inshore slam is your goal every time you go fishing. Catching a redfish, snook and trout is the holy grail of fishing the flats. Capt Blair Wiggins headed south to Tarpon Lodge in Bokelia to try for an inshore slam fishing with Capt Eric Wrenn. The morning started off fast with tailing redfish which made it easy to cast to the spooky redfish. Couple twitches of the rod and the keeper sized redfish was on. Shortly after, Capt Blair hooked up to a trout on the flats and it all came down to the snook. Snook were finicky. We saw some monster fish but they didn't want the Mogan Man's DOA lures. Check out the full episode of "Bokelia Slam" by clicking the link below, share it with your friends and leave a comment below.


  1. Capt want to throw in out 8 year old grandson Mikey Bell in this category - redfish, snook and trout


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