Countdown begins . . .

Capt Blair Wiggins Mogan Red Drum

New episodes on Fox Sports Sun start in April. April 1st to be exact . . . and that ain't no April Fools! Check our AF calendar for days and times to catch the new 2016 season of Addictive Fishing Television. We've got some serious rod bendin' drag screamin' saltwater action coming up and I can't wait! Here's a couple of photos of the big red drum we're catching in episode #1.

We're still airing on the Pursuit Channel too . . . in fact, this week's episode is the "Bits and Bites" episode Mr. Producerman puts together toward the end of every season, using footage we haven't been able to show you all season long. Like an extra tripletail from a show we tried to shoot with Capt. Scott Lum on the Space Coast. Had a super tough day, weather moved in and we never got to finish it. Caught some nice fish though. Another segment, I put the Flats Pink rods to the test with a lady angler guest, Darcizzle. She caught her first black drum on the Flats Pink rod. I was throwing pink that day too . . . gets the job done! Also get to show you a big Jack from fishing Louisiana with Capt. Kevin Beach. Great time on the water with Capt. Kevin, and I must admit I love the way Jacks fight too.

Jack Crevalle

I've been busy kicking off the season by shooting shows, web videos and making my rounds to all the boats shows, Dick's Sporting Goods grand openings and Skeeter dealer appearances. It's been a busy start to the season and it feels good! Head over to our YouTube Channel to check out some of the web videos I've done already for Minn Kota, Humminbird and Seaguar. We'll keep 'em coming this year too, so check back, make sure you subscribe and share 'em with your friends. 

Linda Wiggins Strawberry Festival Queen

I'm off to go get me some strawberry shortcake. The Strawberry Festival is in town and my family's got some pretty cool history with it. My Grandad's house used to be the gathering place for all of us family before we headed over to enjoy the festivities, and my Mom was even the Strawberry Festival Queen back in the day. There's nothing like those Plant City strawberries for me, so heading out now!

Until next week . . . tight lines,