Mogan Mania, Baby!!

FishNnut Mogan Mania

A big thank you to two very special friends and long-time fans of AF - Chumhead and FishinNut for pulling this year's Mogan Mania off for us. We handed the reigns over earlier this year, Patrice gave them our crazy schedule and said, pick a date and location, and make it happen. Well, they've done just that! Mogan Mania is happening!! 

Chumhead Mogan Mania

For those of you who have never been, or maybe you have never even heard of Mogan Mania - what is it and where is it? Mogan Mania is a weekend of fishing fun with me and the AF Crew. Lots of fans and friends of AF come together, we fish for the weekend, have a fun "award" ceremony and raffle off some great AF sponsor products (100% of all raffle money goes to a local charity). Wait! I almost forgot to tell you about the awesome food we have all weekend long too! 

Mogan Mania Ft Pierce Florida

This year, Mogan Mania is November 13th - 15th, in Ft. Pierce, headquartered at Dockside Inn and catered by none other than the Skeeter Bites Fishing Team. You will be well fed, well fished, and have Addictive Fishing fanatical fun all weekend long! Check it out on the Mogan Mania Facebook page and join us!!

We've been busy around here too . . . last night was our second AF Live episode, and although we had a few "technical difficulties" we still had a blast. Quite a few of you had some really good questions, and talking about trout fishing in Texas made me want to go back there already! If you missed it LIVE last night, you can check out AF LIVE #2 - Mirrolure Edition now on YouTube. Mr. Producerman knows what he's doing and he's got episodes #1 and #2 up there for you to view. Get ready for the next one on Wednesday, November 18th. RSVP now by clicking this link. Get your questions ready (that's my favorite part of the night). 

Until next week . . . tight lines,