AF LIVE Recap and the Finale

AF LIVE at MPI Studios

Well, I survived the first AF LIVE webcast last night without too many mistakes. It's tough going LIVE. I thought at first, no big deal, it's just like filming the show, I talk to the camera, have fun, no biggie, right? Well, for the first couple of minutes, I couldn't stop thinking "this is LIVE. Don't screw up. It's LIVE, not edited." Ha! After we got going though, I started to have fun and when it was over, I realized what a blast it was. Loved seeing all y'all's questions (almost 1,000 people joined us for our first Webcast), getting to go over footage, share the real stories of what went into each segment, share some tackle info and basically try out this LIVE thing. Kudos to Mr. Producer Man and Sam for putting it all together and keeping things fresh. We'll be back again in a couple of weeks with another Webcast of AF LIVE. If you missed it last night, you can always watch it again on YouTube

Skeeter SX220

I've got a pretty busy schedule coming up and will give you a quick rundown - I'm shooting some "walk-thrus" for Skeeter Boats next week. Showing y'all the cool new features or slightly modified features of a couple of the saltwater models. The SX210 is a nice little ride. In fact, if you want to check it out yourself then stop by the Tampa Bay Boat show Saturday, October 3rd and I'll personally take you through it. After the boat show, I'm heading up to South Carolina again to fish in a charity tournament for Cystic Fibrosis, then flying out from Charleston to meet up with the rest of my film crew in Texas. We'll be in Baffin Bay shooting episodes and then me and Producer Sam head up to Brownsville for a Dick's Sporting Goods event. Spend a week or so unpacking and doing laundry then off again to shoot a couple of episodes with two of my favorite and long-time friends - Capt. Mark Nichols (creator of DOA Lures) and Sam Heaton (Industry Legend). And then finally, Mogan Mania takes place the weekend of November 13th - 15th in Ft. Pierce. If you haven't already booked your room, you'd better get in touch with the Dockside Inn and make sure you're in for this fun, fishing weekend! Whew - I'm already tired from traveling.

I'll definitely need a break and the best thing I can think of is to go hunting. I have to tell you there's nothing like sitting in a tree stand, listening to all of nature's sounds, completely unplugging, and keeping away from the bears. Last year, had one almost join me in the tree! Good thing I've got my Engel back at camp. Engel ice chests have been thoroughly tested by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) in both controlled simulations and with wild grizzly bears. The IGBC officially approved Engel coolers for use on public lands occupied by grizzlies. So not only can I keep my food safe and cold, my Engel keeps bears out it! 

I also bring along my Engel fridge/freezer to keep my processed venison nice and fresh for DAYS, as long as I like really. It runs on battery power 12V/24V DC or 110V/120V AC, so it's easy to take along with me anywhere.

Tune in tomorrow (Friday) at 9:00 a.m., Sunday at 9:30 p.m. or Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. on FOX Sports Sun for this week's episode - AF 2015 Season Finale.

Hope y'all can keep up with me over the next couple of weeks!!

Until next week . . . tight lines,