Boca Bites

Capt Blair Wiggins with a Tarpon

Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande is probably one of the most beautiful places to be and awesome things to do! This week's episode I'm in Boca Grande with Capt. Jeff Hagaman, and I get to show you these awesome creatures. We actually had a really tough day on the water, day one. Day two we got out there and did it all over again, but the outcome is what you'll get to see in the show. 

Tune in tomorrow (Friday) at 9:00 a.m., Sunday at 9:30 p.m. or Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. on FOX Sun Sports for this week's episode "Boca Bites."

Another reason why I love going to Boca Grande is we get to stay at the Tarpon Lodge. It's absolutely gorgeous there, and the hospitality is top notch! You really don't need to go anywhere else once you arrive. They've got great food, great bar, great accommodations and we can take off each day right from the dock. We've been back quite a bit. I hope you try it out. Get on over to Facebook and give 'em a "like". Check out the cool drone footage shot while we were there: Tarpon Lodge >>

Capt Blair Wiggins signing autographs

Had a great time last weekend in Tampa at Dick's Sporting Goods. I was at two stores in one day and tried to outrun the rain! First stop was Brandon Mall, and I want to thank everyone who came out to see me there. We had a great time, it was quick, but the folks were super nice. Then, it was on to Westshore Mall for the rest of the day. Had to move inside to get away from the rain, but that didn't stop the fun or the shopping. Thanks to Dick's Sporting Goods, and all my sponsors for the opportunity!

Just because the sun's not shining a lot these days doesn't mean I'm not putting my sunscreen on. All this rain has made it a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and boy am I thankful for our newest sponsor, Sunsect. They make the best sunscreen + insect repellent on the market. I haven't been bitten yet! Love it. Thanks #teamsunsect! You should get ya some. 

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Until next week . . . tight lines,