Bayou Blues and No More Bugs!

Capt Blair Wiggins Louisiana Redfish

This week's episode we shot in Louisiana in May. It was probably the toughest day on the water I've had yet in Cajun country.  It was real windy which made it hard to cast, but not only that . . . I learned a lot about the fishery and marsh that I love so much that made me really sit up and take notice. This fishery needs attention from the rest of the world and they need help now. You can check it out in this week's episode in a special segment we call "Environmental Update." Like I said, it was a rare day to have what we had on the water in Louisiana. Capt. Ross got to use the Flats Blue inshore casting rod out there with a spinnerbait, and he was definitely out-catching me. Tune in tomorrow (Friday) at 9:00 a.m., Sunday at 9:30 p.m. or Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. on FOX Sun Sports for this week's episode "Bayou Blues."

Despite the windy conditions and tough fishin', I always love spending time there. Especially when I stay at Cajun Fishing Adventures. We were able to bring some redfish home with us to the Lodge for them to cook up that night, "Redfish on the Halfshell," my favorite.  

Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras, Louisiana

This week I've also got someone new to introduce to you. Addictive Fishing is proud to be partnering with the ONLY insect repellent and sunscreen company trusted by the US Military and now available to the public . . . SUNSECT. I used this product while out fishing in Louisiana (while we filmed this week's episode) and absolutely fell in love. It works. It really works. 

Louisiana is known for biting bugs, especially when you're fishing in those bayou marshes and mosquito canals. I didn't get one bite. No lie. The only bites I was getting were the redfish. Sunsect is an insect repellent plus a sunscreen in one. The one thing I love is it's made in the USA. Our military men and women have been using it for years and now it's on the market. Check 'em out! Give the folks at Sunsect a proper Mogan Maniac welcome too . . . stop by and like them on Facebook.  #teamsunsect 

Rock the Dock Seminar

Next weekend I'll be in Tampa at Dick's Sporting Goods (Saturday, August 8th). I'm splitting my day between Brandon and Westshore, so come out and see us! It's that time of year again where back to school shopping begins and it's a tax free weekend. Make sure you stop by:  
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We'll have our Skeeter boats out there, Central Marine (Skeeter dealer) will be there, lots of giveaways and chances to win a Minn Kota TalonCosta Del Mar sunglassesHumminbird fish finder and more. Plus, pick up some coupons, shop a bit and grab some great deals on tackle. See y'all in Tampa next weekend!!

Dick's Sporting Goods

Until then . . . tight lines,