Reds and Rigs

Capt Blair Wiggins Louisiana Red Snapper

This week's episode was shot last month while in Louisiana (one of my favorite places on earth to fish, and eat). We caught snapper and redfish and had a great time with a new Captain, Kevin Beach. Capt. Kevin and I hit it off, had so much fun, it was like I had known him all my life. Definitely a great time in Cajun country! Check it out, tune in tomorrow (Friday) at 9:00 a.m., Sunday at 9:30 p.m. or Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. on FOX Sun Sports for this week's episode "Reds and Rigs."

I've had a busy week since you last heard from me. Last Friday me, Mr. Producerman, Field Producer Sam and Trice all met in Islamorada to shoot some underwater footage we needed for an upcoming episode. We also had a top secret mission from Minn Kota to get done (can't tell y'all about it now, or else I'd have to kill you - ha!). From there I went on to the DOA Lures Writers' Fest (caught some nice Snook fishing with Sam Root, check out this photo), and then on to an AF shoot in Cape Canaveral. I'm worn out!  

Capt Blair Wiggins Holding a Snook

But first, I need to tell you one of the funniest (and slightly scariest) shark stories that I've gotten to witness. Shark fishing Saturday morning, Trice hooks up first to about a 5 foot lemon shark. He runs good, but then he breaks off. Sam hooks up next to the same shark Trice had on, and we managed to get the line back from him. Then I finally hook up to a nice sized one. I fight him, get him close to the boat so Field Producer Sam can get the underwater camera in front of him. We're shooting, Sam's moving up to the bow of the boat and he slips into the water. The shark is still on my line, but Sam and he are swimming together now. I keep pressure on the line and grab Sam with my free hand to pull him into the boat. Sam gets back to work with the camera, but the shark is really annoyed now and bites the camera off of the Star brite brush handle we use. At first we thought he swallowed it, but I saw it sinking to the bottom. Watch the Shark Bites Camera Clip Here >>

Capt Blair Wiggins and Sam Tilly

Sam starts stripping off his already wet shirt, shoes and pants and gets back in the water to retrieve the camera. Trice and Producerman were behind us in the other Skeeter flying the drone at the time so they didn't really get to see everything happening until Sam jumped into the water the 2nd time. Once I knew he was safely back in the boat with the underwater camera, we all had a good laugh. Sam helped me land the shark and get the hook out, but by then he was really mad! The things we do to make good television. Ha!

Tasty Clams

We all got to tell the story again over dinner. The folks at Star Brite take good care of us, and they had cold beverages, grilled clams, flank steaks, and Caesar salad ready for us. Life is definitely good in the Keys!

Islamorada Star Brite House

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See y'all next week. Until then . . . tight lines,