Smack it!

Capt Blair Wiggins Homosassa Grouper

This week's episode I'm fishing in Homosassa with Capt. Chris Wilkins. We're fishing rock piles for shallow water grouper. Had a blast! This was at the beginning of the season when we filmed, and I was getting used to my new Seaguar Smackdown braid. It impressed the heck out of me! It's strength and cast-ability is pretty impressive, you get to see it with your own eyes in this episode. Of course, I was rigged with my Seaguar fluorocarbon because these rock piles were not easy. The fight was worth it though - just look at how cool that grouper is!! Definitely will do it again. 

Homosassa Gag Grouper

When this show was shot, we hadn't stayed in Homosassa before, usually up a ways in Crystal River, but this time we stayed at a new place. It was right on the river and a perfect spot to launch my Skeeter, come in after a long day of fishing, have a cold beer and chill out. The place I'm talking about is MacRae's of Homosassa. It's a family owned place right on the water and we've been back twice since. If you happen to stay there, let 'em know you saw 'em on this episode! 

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I'm on my way home from Louisiana today. Was out there all week with the film crew shooting a couple of episodes. Love getting back to Cajun country, I do miss the days of tournament fishing and spending awesome times on the water out there, but don't miss the thousands of miles I had to put on my truck to do it! 

Capt Blair Wiggins and Mom

I'm also on my way home for Mother's Day. So thankful for my Mom and for my wife Cari. Two of the best Moms I know! Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms out there. Your job is not easy and we love you! Y'all have a great weekend.

Until next week . . . tight lines,