New Episodes Next Week!!

Capt Blair Wiggins Mogan Redfish

The 2015 Season of Addictive Fishing Television starts next week! Tune into Fox SunSports on Friday, April 3rd for all new episodes of your favorite rod bendin' drag screamin' television. We kick off the season with "Bulls on the Neuse" - a big bull redfish episode from Pamlico Sound off of Oriental, NC. One of the coolest fisheries I've been lucky enough to fish! 

I just got back from fishing Islamorada for two more episodes. Can't beat fishing in the Keys. You've got everything that swims, right there ready for ya. A special thanks to the folks at Star Brite! They provided us some pretty swanky accommodations, spoiling the crew for sure. 

Lake X Sunset

The reason we headed back so quickly from the Keys is I've got to get over to Tampa to the Westshore Mall Dick's Sporting Goods on Saturday (the 28th). We're wrapping up a killer week of Spring Sales at one of my favorite stores in Florida. The Westshore Dick's store is a 2 story, gorgeous store with lots of everything you'd ever need to fish, camp, kayak, hunt, or play sports. Looking forward to seeing y'all on Saturday . . . I'll be there from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Capt Blair with Fans at Dick's Sporting Goods

Here's what's been going on back at the MPI studios . . . Mr. Producerman and Trice have been building a new set for us. We've got plans to bring y'all some more videos, online tips and some killer music from the Mogan Music Boys this season. Stay tuned for all the cool new stuff. By the way, that boom box ya see is actually my new favorite from Engel. It's a cooler and boom box in one. The sound that comes out of that thing is incredible! It's got top-of-the-line JL Audio® MX650 speakers and is Bluetooth compatible. So, I just turn the Engel on, crank up some ACDC or the Jawga Boyz and get rockin'! Check it out. 

Engel Boom Box Cooler

Until next week . . . tight lines,