Staying Cooler

Capt Blair Wiggins Engel Coolers

The weather's still chilly in Florida, went fishing last week and the Pompano were just not biting, I'm tired of wearing shoes, and I'm ready for the thermometer to heat back up again.  The good news is when the Florida heat and humidity do return, I'm all set with keeping things cool on my boat. 

Engel Coolers

Engel sent us a pretty nice gift last month to kick the year off right . . . I think they've got us covered for every size and function that I can possibly think of. That nice big grey box up front is an fridge freezer powered by a cigarette lighter plug. That's what I'm most excited about! I can take it with me on long road trips, when I go hunting, store fish and game, and it's portable. The next cooler in the Engel line up that makes me happy is the BoomBox. That thing is actually the best stereo I think I've ever owned! It's got a JL Audio system in it and functions as a small cooler to keep a few beers (or your beverage of choice) cold while you crank up the tunes and tap your toes. It connects to the Bluetooth function on your phone and puts out killer crisp sound. I've always been impressed with Engel coolers, but now I'm simply blown away. You should check 'em out! 

Addictive Fishing Website

Another thing to check out is the new AF website design. Mr. Producerman's been busy tweeking up the layout, adding more videos, after the fight webisodes, where to stay section, and book a fishing trip with AF guest guides, the schwag shop featuring Flats Blue fishing rods and more! Tell us what you think with the new Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

Miami International Boat Show

We're heading to Miami next month for the boat show . . . stop by the Skeeter Boats booth and see me, check out the new Saltwater SX series and register to win some seriously cool AF Sponsor Schwag! 

I mentioned it earlier that I was out fishing and the Pompano just weren't biting, right. Well, I forgot to mention that I was fishing with Capt. Mark Nichols, creator of DOA Lures. We were trying to film an episode of AF, and the fish just weren't cooperating. As always, we had a great time with Mark, and we'll be back for sure to finish what we started.

Sunset Hammock

How can I resist River Palm Cottages' hospitality and fishing with Mark Nichols? Seriously, could you resist this? 

Until next week . . . tight lines,