That's a hawg!!

Capt Blair Wiggins Skeeter SX240

Have you ever been out on the water in fog so thick you can't see the bow of the boat from where you stand at the console? Well, that's how foggy it was the day we went out in Tampa Bay to shoot this episode. Our guest guide, Skeeter Pro Capt. Ryan Farner had his buddy "escort" us out to the spot because his big offshore boat had radar. It was a scene from "The Fog" really, eerily quiet and a little strange. I was excited though because I was about to do something new in a fishery I really don't know much about . . . hogfish on hook and line. I've only ever spearfished for hogfish in the Keys and off of reefs, this was Capt. Ryan's specialty and so here we go! I've got to say it was a great day, super cool looking fish and probably one of the tastiest I've had too. 

Tune in Sunday (October 12th) at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. and Friday at 2:00 a.m. on The Sportsman Channel to see "Hogs in the Fog." Set your DVR's if you can't tune in on time, or check back online, Mr. Producerman has the full length episode up on YouTube for y'all to watch! Isn't that just a cool lookin' fish? 

Capt Blair Wiggins Hog Snapper

I just got back from opening a new Dick's Sporting Goods store in Savannah, GA and it was awesome to meet the folks up there. I was happy to see (for the 1st time on the shelves) the Mogan Maiden pink Sabalos reels . . . Yup, they're here!! They will make that Flats Pink rod look extra good. Check 'em out at Dick's y'all. 

Wright & McGill Mogan Maiden Reel

Gotta make this week's blog quick . . . I'm getting ready to hunt and leaving early in the a.m. Have a great weekend!

Until next week . . . tight lines,