Chumming Around

Tampa Bay Redfish

All over the place again. Hunting, fishing, photo shoots and grand openings . . . it's a crazy, busy world for me but lovin' every minute of it! Just wrapped up a photo shoot for Skeeter this week. Had beautiful weather, caught some fish and hung out with some of the coolest Skeeter Pros out there. In fact, I was fishing with Capt. Chad Manning again. Tomorrow's episode of AF just happens to be "Tampa Chums" from Tampa Bay with Capt. Chad. Had a blast fishing that episode. Caught snook, grouper and redfish in one day. Can't beat that! 

This week though, we were snapping photos and catching kingfish on a "floatilla" of about 6 brand new Skeeter boats. What a good lookin' group! Here's a shot of our early morning sunrise, getting ready to head out. Gorgeous!

Skeeter Bay Boats

This weekend I'm heading to Orlando to kick off the opening of another Dick's Sporting Goods store. Ya know that the holidays are right around the corner, right? What a great way to get ahead of the shopping madness than to come in, see me, get a coupon for $10, save on great "grand opening" deals and check some presents off that long list! Come see me on Saturday, the 25th from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the new store:  Fashion Square Mall 724 Herndon Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803

Capt Blair Wiggins with Fans

Here's another cool piece of news for y'all . . . AF sponsor, Star brite's CLO2 generator technology, is soon to be helping people, pets and livestock stay healthy near you. President and CEO Peter Dornau stated, "Performacide® is perfectly suited for use in outlying areas to help control viruses as well as to sanitize and disinfect."  I'm impressed and proud to be part of a team like Star brite! Read the entire press release here:  

Ocean Bio-Chem, Inc. To Donate Performacide® to Countries Facing Ebola Virus

Performacide by Star Brite

Check out "Tampa Chums" tomorrow morning on The Sportsman Channel and then on Sunday tune in for "Keys Chronicle" where I'm fishing with the fine folks at Star brite. It's truly rod bendin' drag screamin' television this weekend! Check the website for times and replays. You can always catch AF on YouTube too! 

Until next week . . . tight lines,