That's a hog!

Hog Snapper from Tampa Bay

Have you ever been out on the water in fog so thick you can't see the bow of the boat from where you stand at the console? Well, that's how foggy it was the day we went out in Tampa Bay to shoot this episode. Our guest guide, Skeeter Pro Capt. Ryan Farner had his buddy "escort" us out to the spot because his big offshore boat had radar. It was a scene from "The Fog" really, eerily quiet and a little strange. I was excited though because I was about to do something new in a fishery I really don't know much about . . . hogfish on hook and line. I've only ever spearfished for hogfish in the Keys and off of reefs, this was Capt. Ryan's specialty and so here we go! I've got to say it was a great day, super cool looking fish and probably one of the tastiest I've had too. 

Capt Ryan Farner Tampa Bay Shoot

Tune in tomorrow (Friday, April 11th) at 10:30 a.m., Sunday at 9:30 p.m. and Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. on Fox Sun Sports to see "Hogs in the Fog." Set your DVR's if you can't tune in on time, or check back sometime next week online, Mr. Producerman will have the full length episode up on YouTube for y'all to watch soon!

We just got back this week from Chokoloskee shooting another episode with Capt. Brian Sanders. We caravaned down to the Everglades with both Skeeters (SX220 and SX240) to shoot this episode just in time before the latest weather front moved in on Tuesday with rain, WIND and cool weather. Man, the wind sure does blow! Anyway, we got a snook episode, fishing with the Mirrodine. Can't wait to show y'all this pretty 28 inch snook I caught and released. I said I wouldn't keep another snook for at least 5 years since our freeze of 2010 that killed so much of the population. It's nice to see them making a comeback, but it's a slow process. Glad we have the folks at Mote Aquaculture Park and Project Snook doing their thing.  

Everglades Snook Shoot

We're heading to Destin to shoot a couple of episodes next week and also fish a cool Cobia tournament with some of my favorite Skeeter folks from Legendary Marine. If you're in the panhandle, you should come see us and check it out!

Legendary Marine Royal Rumble

After Destin, I'll be heading back South to Tampa for a weekend of fun on Saturday, April 26th and Sunday, April 27th. Lots to tell you about, but can't get to it right now. Tampa Bay just mark it on your calendars to come out and see me, the AF crew, our new Skeeter boats, Capt. Chad Manning and Capt. Ryan Farner from the AF episodes, and lots, lots more. Details coming soon!!

I'm heading out to wash the boat, re-rig and get ready for more fishing!!

Until next week . . . tight lines,