Flounder, Cobia and Tripletail - oh my!

Cape Canaveral Flounder with Capt Jim Ross

I still can't believe we're starting the 15th season of Addictive Fishing Television! Tomorrow marks 15 years of producing shows and I still get butterflies thinking about this week's premiere. Ha!  Tune in tomorrow for episode #1 of the 2014 season - "Canaveral Slam." We shot this episode in my backyard, on the Space Coast with Capt. Jim Ross. We knew we were going wreck fishing off of Cape Canaveral, but just weren't sure what we'd be hooking into, so we had to be prepared for anything. Good thing we were . . . we hooked into cobia, triple tail and some serious flatties - flounder. 

Tripletail Fishing off Port Canaveral

We had a blast and it was the first time we'd taken the new Skeeter tower boat out (SX240) and shot a show with it. The 240 rigged with the Humminbird 360 and Minn Kota iPilot Spot-Lock, sure put us in the perfect spot and held us there so we could hook one Mogan Flounder after another. I say it when I do my seminars and I say it again on the show, if you know you're going wreck fishin' make sure you're rigged and prepared for anything. Have a big stick (Flats Blue) rigged with heavy line (Seaguar/FINS), have some light tackle for those fun fights, back up rigs, hooks (Trokar), and lures (Mirrolure/DOA) so you are ready for anything. We didn't think we would see cobia since it was still technically winter, but one of my cameramen spotted a big manta ray off the side of the boat, and since we had the right rig ready, it was game on!

Cape Canaveral Flounder with Jim Ross

Tune in tomorrow (Friday, April 4th) at 10:30 a.m., Sunday at 9:30 p.m. and Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. on Fox Sun Sports to see the start of Addictive Fishing's 2014 season - "Canaveral Slam." Set your DVR's if you can't tune in on time, or check back sometime next week online, Mr. Producerman will have the full length episode up on YouTube for y'all to watch soon!  

We're heading down South to the Everglades next week and then straight back up to the Panhandle to Destin the week after. It's that time of year again of towin' boats, riggin' lines and fishin' our butts off. I ain't complaining . . . oh no, it's my favorite time of year! 

In the words of Producerman, "Let's Go Now!!"

Until next week . . . tight lines,