New Year, New Season, and Soooo Many Fish

Capt Blair Wiggins Big Seatrout

Happy New Year Y'all!  Hope your holiday season was a good one. Hope you got to do some fishing, hunting or whatever you love to do in your off time. I got to fish with Mark Nichols of DOA Lures to close out 2013, and hooked into this nice 32" Seatrout, then I got some duck hunting in . . . it had been a while, but man was it fun.  

Capt Blair Wiggins Duck Hunting

I know a lot of you are freezin' your butts off up North, but believe it or not, Florida's been cold too. My wife loves when the temperatures go down this time of year, I'm the complete opposite so thankfully it doesn't last very long around here. This photo was sent it to us from long time fans/friends of AF - LT & Brenda Cochran. They recently relocated to Missouri and Mother Nature greeted them with a blizzard.  Welcome home y'all! 

Capt Blair Wiggins and Wife Cari in Colorado

The rest of the country . . . well, you're just going to have to come down to do some saltwater fishing or dream about it while you're on the ice fishing out of a frozen hole. I went ice fishing in Colorado a few years back and sure it was fun, but just a little too cold for me. Can't go barefoot!? 

Granby Colorado Ice Fishing Shoot

Me and the AF Crew just had our beginning of the year meeting to go over schedule, plan shoots, and map out our travels for the 2014 season. Lots of exciting stuff going on and it looks like Spring is going to be busy!  Here's a quick rundown of where I'll be over the next 3 months:  Raleigh, Miami, Birmingham, Panama City, Slidell, Ft. Myers, Bradenton, Tampa, Coral Springs, Key West, Tampa, and Destin.  I'll fill you in on details, what we'll be doing and when you can come out to see us. Some of those stops are strictly fishing and I can't wait. I'm hoping to show you some Mogan cobia, snapper, tarpon, redfish, grouper and much, much more in this season's shows. So many fish to catch, gotta get started!! We've also got some new products coming out this year and I'll keep you posted on that too. More choices for the Mogan Maidens out there and I think you'll be real happy!  

In the meantime, check out this week's episode shot from the Dry Tortugas with Capt. Chris Trosset. He's wearing me out on kingfish and snapper while we're fishing off the back of the Star Brite. Amazing time down there and we'll be doing something with that crew again this Spring.  "One Hour Later" airs on Sunday, January 12th at 10 a.m. (ET) on the Sportsman Channel. Then on Monday and Tuesday you can catch another episode "Tortuga Bank" from the Dry Tortugas where I'm hooking into some really nice grouper and snapper. Tune in on Monday at 9:00 a.m. and Tuesday at 2:30 a.m. Man, I can't wait to get back out there in that water!  

Taking down the Christmas lights and tossing the tree . . . hope I can put some shorts back on soon, take the cover off my Skeeter bay boat, kick off my shoes and get my toes wet again with some saltwater. It won't be long I know, but I'm ready to sweat!  

Until next week . . . tight lines,