Big Reds, Blue Marbles and Campin' out

This week, I've got another story for ya from our trip to Corpus Christi, Texas. Saturday we were there at DICK'S and a woman was looking for a new tackle set up.  She was tired of the bull reds breaking her rods at the Pier.  I showed her the strength of the Flats Blue rod, did my very own rod demo for her and she walked out to go fishing "cautiously optimistic".  We got back into DICK'S on Sunday morning, and the Lodge Manager there hands me a note with a photo on his phone.  The photo was this woman I had sold the rod to the day before, holding a 40 3/4" bull red. Here's the note she left at the store before I got there. Love stories like this . . . they make what I do even better!

A couple of weekends ago I got to experience something awesome.  I got to see a hard-working awesome young man become an Eagle Scout.  I met Kenny years ago as a kid and he's grown up to be a fine young man. Kenny DiBiase of Scout Troop 101 in Sanibel, FL received his Eagle Scout badge on November 9th and I was there to see it, and to present him with the Blue Marble (from the Blue Marbles Project) for his outstanding environmental achievement
Kenny developed a program called Protect Our Waters because of his lifelong love of his home waters in Sanibel, and fishing, combined with is desire to help others and protect our fragile environment.  We have a lot in common, but I sure learned a lot from him.  This 17 year old sure has a bright future. Nice work with the Protect Our Waters program Kenny and keep it up!   

Last weekend I came over to see some old friends, meet new fans and camp out for a night at Ft. DeSoto Park in St. Petersburg, Florida.  We had a little get together called - Mogan Maniac West Coast Campout.  It was a lot of fun catching fish, cutting up and telling stories around the campfire.  

There was a little camper there, her name was Lexi and she lit the place up! What a doll.  She is only 2 1/2 years old, but could hold a conversation with ya like she was 7.  She knew my name when I walked up and put a big smile on my face.  

Thanks to everyone who joined us.  A big shout out to Jody from Minnesota who drove his big rig down to meet me. His dad's a big fan, but for health reasons couldn't make it to see us.  Lounge Member Rich Leber took Jody out on his boat and hooked him into his first cobia.  He'll never forget it and we'll never forget how much fun it is to reminisce with our fans that have been around for so very long. Thank you!

I think I'm staying put for . . . oh, wait . . . nope, I'm heading back to Tampa Bay to shoot an episode on the water with Skeeter Pro, Capt. Chad Manning.  Then off to the woods for some hunting and then I'm home for Turkey Day.  Hope I wake up from that big meal because I'll be in 2 Dick's Sporting Goods stores on Black Friday to help y'all pick out the perfect Christmas fishing gift.  That's right, I will be in Clearwater and in Brandon at DICK'S on Black Friday.  I'll let you know which store at what time later, but if you're one of those shoppers that makes it out the day after Thanksgiving . . . I'll be there as your personal shopper with a big tackle sale!  

Until next week . . . tight lines,