Tortuga Trilogy

Tuna Fly from Key West

I was pulled 122 feet around a 61 foot boat in the middle of the Gulf on a fly rod by a blackfin tuna. Whew!  I've had many “firsts” in my life and this one is definitely close to the top of the list. We had the opportunity to fish on the Star brite (61’ Viking) again with Capt. Pete Dornau and Gregor Dornau, but this time we were heading for the Dry Tortugas with our local guide Capt. Chris Trosset.  To give you a little background, Capt. Chris, son of the legendary captain “RT” Robert Trosset has been fishing in Key West all his life.  In 1994, RT became the first captain to lead clients to 100 International Game Fish Association world records, a feat that was finally recognized by the IGFA with a lifetime achievement award in 2006. He currently has 183 IGFA World records. That’s impressive.  His son Chris is following closely in his footsteps and we were happy to have him on board with us for the week.  

Blair and Capt Chris Trosset
Capt. Chris put me on more big fish in 4 hours than I think I've ever caught in that amount of time.  I brought along some new tackle to try out and it sure got worked.  The new Sabalos fly reel by Wright & McGill held up nicely while I cranked that blackfin in and we invited him to dinner that night.  For all you fly fisherman out there . . . it's not just for streams and creeks anymore!  My arms were sore and when we were done, I felt like they were stretched out a few inches longer, but I would do it again tomorrow if I could.  I guess I’ll just have to watch this week’s episode for now.  Check out this week’s episode “Tuna Fly” – Friday at 10:30 a.m. ET on Fox Sun Sports (replays Sunday 9:30 p.m. ET / Tuesday 6:00 a.m. ET).

AF Crew in Catalina Island CAI’ll be in Pensacola the weekend of the 22nd.   I’ll get you the details of where and what time you can come out to see me, my wife Cari, Producerman Kevin and Trice later, but mark your calendars Pensacola Mogan Maniacs . . . we’re going to be in town to see y’all on Saturday, June 22nd and we're looking for a little fun in the Panhandle! We'll be busy during the day, but that evening we'll be hungry, thirsty and ready for a little fun.  Stay tuned . .
The winner of this cycle’s “Show Your Mogan” photo contest is . . . Bill White with this Mogan Redfish.  I picked this photo on Instagram this week because I love these big bull redfish, but Bill's Dad's story is just as good as the pic:  "we were fishing near the No Motor Zone off Merritt Island.  It was time to go, but he insisted he get one more cast in.  When the pole doubled over it was all he could do to hold on.  I asked if he needed help, but he assured me he could get it.  About 15 minutes later he had landed the fish of a lifetime! You've never seen such a happy little boy!  I snapped this pick and we revived her and she swam off.  Still one of my favorite fishing moments of all time." Way to go Bill and way to go Dad!!  This is why we love what we do.  

Don't forget we've got Father's Day coming up soon . . . make sure you get him something special for all those times he's had to tie your hook on, get your lure out of the mangroves, de-hook that toothy critter and pass you the rod.  Head on down to Dick's Sporting Goods and pick him up something nice.  He deserves it!

Until next week . . . tight lines,