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Mogan Man and Capt. Tommy "Z"  Ziesmann hit the beaches off St. Pete in search of tarpon, time for a battery check,  Mogan Man has a boat for sale, Mogan of the Week, and some amazing stats on our favorite participation sport. On this week's episode of Addictive Fishing, we'll be fishing with Capt. Blair and Capt. Tommy Z for the "silver king" a.k.a. tarpon just off the beaches of St. Petersburg , FL.
Ever wonder what it's like to push your fishing tackle to the limit? Watch how the Mogan Man handles 150 lb. plus tarpon on 20 lb. FINS braided line. Definitely not for the faint of heart. 
You can get in on the insane action by watching Saturday at 8 PM and again at 11 PM on The Sportsman Channel.
Here's a peek at how the guys rigged their rods this week in our Rig It Right segment.

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Mogan of the Week . . . USF Fishing Club member Travis Strammer caught this 37 in. career best snook from a canal behind his house. Way to go Travis!!! Fishing party at Travis' house!!!

On a related note, the Mogan Man and Mr. Producerman are working on a date to speak at a USF FIshing Club meeting. If anyone else belongs to a school fishing club that would like to talk fishing and TV with Capt. Blair and AF producer Kevin McCabe, please let us know.

Now That's a Stimulus Package . . .
Alexandria, VA – January 10, 2013 - Recreational fishing is more than just a pleasant getaway for millions of Americans. As an industry, it provides a living for countless people in businesses ranging from fishing tackle and boating manufacturing to travel and hospitality to publications, magazines and much more.  As reported in Sportfishing in America: An Economic Force for Conservation, a new fishing statistics report produced by the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) - the trade association that represents the sportfishing industry - the number of anglers increased 11 percent over the past five years and fishing tackle sales grew more than 16 percent. When expenditures are multiplied by our nation’s 60 million anglers, their dollars have a significant impact on our nation’s economy. 

According to the new study, America’s nearly 60 million anglers are estimated to spend $48 billion per year on fishing equipment, transportation, lodging and other expenses associated with their sport. With a total annual economic impact of $115 billion, fishing supports more than 828,000 jobs and generates $35 billion in wages and $15 billion in federal and state taxes.

Facts about Recreational Fishing
  • There are approximately 60 million anglers in the U.S. of which 46 million are estimated to fish in a given year. 
  • One of every four anglers fishes in saltwater.
  • Fishing tackle sales grew over 16 percent in the past five years.
  • Since 2006, angler numbers grew 11 percent.
  • More Americans fish than play golf (21 million) and tennis (13 million) combined.
  • If fishing were a company, the amount spent by anglers to support fishing-related retail sales would rank number 51 on the Fortune 500™ list.
  • Fishing generated more revenue ($48 billion) than Lockheed Martin ($47 billion), Intel ($44 billion), Chrysler ($42 billion) or Google ($38 billion).
  • The economic activity generated by sportfishing is greater than the economy, measured in Gross State Product, of 17 states.
  • At more than 46 million anglers, more than twice the number of people fished in 2011 than attended every NFL game combined.
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