How to Spoon Feed Trout and Redfish...

Capt. Blair tests the old waters with some new Mogan Series MirroLures and Mogan Spoons, an exclusive Mogan Combo at Dick's, Mote Marine Lab's year end report, and Mogan of the Week.

On this week's episode of Addictive Fishing, the Mogan Man hits his old stomping grounds on the Space Coast with Capt. Jamie Glasner. Together, Capt. Blair and Capt. Jamie wear out the trout and redfish using the new Mogan Series Mirrolure and new Mogan Spoon armed with Trokar hooks. It's pretty obvious that these newest Mogan lures are deadly for inshore fishing in a variety of conditions. Here's the Mogan Man  with a little info on the proper tackle selection for this week's show.

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Something you really want . . . Now that you've returned all those tacky neckties and dress socks you got for Christmas, head over to Dick's Sporting Goods and pick up a new Wright & McGill Flats Blue Mogan Combo spooled with FINS XS braided line. Gotta love that orange line baby!  Available exclusively at Dick's!!!

Mote Marine 2012 Year in Review . . . Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium is on the front lines of research and conservation of our fishing resources. Thanks to your generous efforts, and the efforts of many others, researchers brought in more than $8 million in grants, contracts and cooperative agreements, and published 85 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, articles in popular media and new books and book chapters. Educators reached out to nearly 17,000 people through school and public programs. Educators and Researchers hosted 50 high school interns and 170 college interns — both new records . . . Mote was supported by 1,600 area residents who volunteered with the organization, sharing their time and expertise as aquarium docents, behind-the-scenes contributors and even research assistants in the lab. In all, they donated 212,500 service hours, for a value of $4.6 million. That's terrific news, but Mote still needs your help to continue in its efforts to ensure fish populations and habitat will be maintained for us and  future generations. Please help by donating to Mote Marine Laboratory. Your grandkids will thank you some day . . .

Mogan of the Week . . . Bill Kirkmann whacked this Mogan redfish  while fishing with his son, Nick, who christened his brand new 7'6" Flats Blue rod on a mogan of his own. Family fishing is what it's all about ! Great way to finish out the year, guys. Congratulations!!!

Wanna be famous? Stop by the Mogan Lounge and post your Mogan pics along with the who, what, and where of your catch and you might just see yourself on here next time as our Mogan of the Week!!!  You can also try bribing me with food . . . just sayin'.

Thanks to everyone for making this past season of Addictive Fishing the best ever!!! Just wait 'til you see what we've got lined up for 2013!!!

I see Mogans, they're everywhere . . .
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