"Aerial Tripletail Baby !"

The Mogan Man heads to the First Coast for some tripletail  fishing, some great products from Seaguar, a pair of Mogans of the Week, and a fantastic offer from Dick's Sporting Goods, just in time for Christmas . . .

This week's show has Capt. Blair and Capt. Jason Keating kicking some tail, tripletail that is, off the coast of St. Augustine, FL. When weather conditions don't cooperate, it's important to be adaptable. Watch this episode and see how Capt. Blair and Capt. Jason take a tough day of fishing for cobia, wave those magic flats blue wands, and turn it into a cooler full of delicious tripletails.

The action starts on Thursday at 6 PM and again on Saturday at 7 PM on The Sportsman Channel. Here's a little behind the scenes look at what being adaptable to conditions can produce when you're trying to shoot a fishing show. Mr. Mogan and Kevin McCabe (aka Mr. Producerman) explain.

For all you Mogan Maniacs who can't wait to watch Addictive Fishing on TV, you can get access to all your favorite episodes on our Addictive Fishing Channel anytime you need a fix. Totally free access 24/7/365. Can't beat that!!!

Not seeing is believing . . . One of the secrets to fishing success is stealth. Seaguar makes the finest fluorocarbon leader material on the market, and now they also produce the best fluorocarbon fishing line for those who prefer to fish with monofilament line. Please visit their website for more information on their great products, and check out what Seaguar Invizx fluorocarbon line caught in this week's MOTW! 

Mogan(s) of the Week . . . Mike Hanson was fishing with 8lb. Seaguar Invizx in 40 feet of water, air temp. was 26 degrees and water temp. was 39 degrees, when he caught these Mogan smallmouths. Great job Mike!!!

New Mogan Kits . . . Just in time for Christmas, Dick's Sporting Goods has the new Mogan Series lure kit, featuring a MirrOlure 17MR, 2 D.O.A. shrimp, 10 D.O.A. C.A.L. lures, 1 Trokar Mogan spoon, 2 D.O. A. jigheads, and 3 Lazersharp swimbait hooks. All for under $25!  Dick's Sporting Goods is now having an in store special on Mogan Combo's rod and reel spooled with FINS . . . Buy one, get one FREE while supplies last! Don't miss out!!!

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