Just Wading on a Friend...

Oh yes I did. Mogan man and D.O.A. C.E.O. hit it B.I.G. wade fishing, fishing report and results from the 1st ever Weekend Warrior Challenge, a slick leader management system, Mogan of the Week, and some great vacation savings on the Space Coast. 
This week's episode of Addictive Fishing has Capt. Blair teaming up with Capt. Mark Nichols, inventor and founder of D.O.A Lures, for some Mogan trout and snook action in Stuart and Ft. Pierce, FL.  If you think the only way to catch monster fish is from a boat, tune in as Blair and Mark explain and show us why wading can produce some true Mogans. Seeing is believing! The action starts at 6 PM on Thursday and airs again at 7 PM on Saturday on The Sportsman Channel. Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes..

Minis and Maidens and Mogans, oh my...
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the Weekend Warrior Challenge presented by Dick's Sporting Goods this past weekend. The turnout was fantastic with a nearly full field of 245 anglers. We also want to thank the spectators and everyone else who purchased pizza, water and raffle tickets at the awards ceremony on Saturday. Because of you, the event was an overwhelming success and I'm even hearing rumors of a full blown Weekend Warrior tournament series in the works for next year!!!
This was truly a family event with the Mini-Mogans and Mogan Maidens taking a sizable portion of the prizes. The real winners were Project SnookMote Marine Laboratory, and Recycled Fish. Tournament proceeds, along with the proceeds from food and raffle ticket sales, will help these fine organizations continue in their efforts to restore our snook populations and also help with research, education and conservation of our fishing resources, and the sustaining of our angling, fish and ecosystems for our children and generations to come. I guess in a way, you can say we all won!

Weekend Warrior Challenge Winners...
David Lacey                69.25 inches,   Boat Slam
Curtis Lee George     42.5 inches,      Land Slam
Kenneth Arrowsmith   66.25 inches,   Paddle Slam

Why didn't I think of that? Every once in a while a product comes along that makes you wonder how we ever did without it. The Shark Tooth is such a product. Never deal with tangled leaders again. Here's Capt. Blair to explain it further.

Mogan of the Week . . . Check out this Mogan trout caught by Chris Keyes on a D.O.A shrimp. This beast was 31" and 11 lbs. Another Mogan caught wading . . hmmm. I'm starting to sense a pattern here. Awesome job Chris!!! 

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Hey, is there any pizza left ?
Catfish Whatley