Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right...

No, we're not talking about Jimmy Buffet here, we're talking about yellowfin and blackfin tuna. The Mogan Man and Capt. Mike Ellis navigate through the early morning fog for some hot tuna action, some FINS of another sort, Mogan of the Week, and a little nice stocking stuffer just in time for Christmas.

This week Capt. Blair fishes with Capt. Mike Ellis offshore of Venice, Louisiana for yellowfin and blackfin tuna. If you thought D.O.A. Lures were only good for inshore and coastal fishing, wait until you see what Mr. Mogan and Capt. Mike use to whack some tuna while fishing the offshore oil rigs of Louisiana. It just goes to show what using the right bait in the right location can do. Here's Blair with the rest of the scoop on how to catch these drag burners . . .


Be sure to catch the fun with Capt. Blair on Thursday at 6 PM and again on Saturday at 7 PM on The Sportsman Channel.  Don't forget you can get your fix of Addictive Fishing anytime by joining our Addictive Fishing YouTube Channel where you'll have access to all your favorite episodes 24/7/365. Yes, it's FREE!

FINS, Braid in the USA . . . Since we're on the "fins" theme this week, it seems like the perfect opportunity to mention why FINS braided fishing line is the line of choice here at Addictive Fishing. FINS makes the only situational braided fishing line on the market, perfect for any type of fishing conditions you may encounter. Best of all, it's made right here in the USA! 

Mogan of the Week. . . Capt. Geoffrey Paige caught this Mogan snook on a D.O.A. shrimp. It's great to see that there are still some monsters lurking out there after that terrible 2010 winter. Awesome job!!!  
Mogan kit now available . . . Just in time for Christmas, Dick's Sporting Goods has the new Mogan Series lure kit, featuring a MirrOlure 17MR, 2 D.O.A. shrimp, 10 D.O.A. C.A.L. lures, 1 Trokar Mogan spoon, 2 D.O. A. jigheads, and 3 Lazersharp swimbait hooks. All for under $25!  Let's go rip some lips!!!

Remember to drop by the Mogan Lounge and tell us a few tall tales, post your Mogan pics and hang out with your fellow Mogan Maniacs. Be sure to include some info with your Mogan pics (who, where and what you caught it on) and you just may see yourself on here next time as our Mogan of the Week!!!

Smell you later,