debby be gone

Tropical Storm Debby really ruffled some feathers this week. All attention has been focused on the storm squatting in the Big Bend of Florida as it pushed nasty weather across the state all week. But, Debby didn’t stop our Mogan Maniacs from coming out to the Season Finale shoot at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Debby didn’t stop our fans from watching hours of footage on YouTube. She did manage to keep us all off the water, though. As we escort this lady of misfortune out, let’s regroup and get back to our fishing holes!

That’s a wrap
“Thank you” to the Mogan Maniacs that braved the storm to come out to DSG Clearwater for the Season Finale shoot. Torrential down pour, stiff winds and the threat of being put on a television show seen around the world couldn’t stop our fans from showing up for the live shoot. You guys rock! After filming was done, Capt. Blair mingled with the crowd to sign autographs, pose for pictures and hand over another Flats Blues Traveler to Chris Bean. Chris is a traveler in his own rights as he traveled all the way from Orlando to take part in the live shoot. The Season Finale will air in September. See if you can guess which Mogan Lounge member made it on camera.

Mogan Tour
So, you couldn’t make it to the shooting of the Season Finale because you live in Wilmington, North Carolina? Luck would have it that this Saturday the Mogan Man will be bringing the tour to Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Mayfaire Town Center. Come out between 11am-4pm to meet Capt. Blair Wiggins. While you’re there, grab a money save coupon that can be used when you purchase a Flats Blue rod, FINS situational braid, Seaguar Fluorocarbon and whatever else you can fit into your buggy. Don’t forget Get signed up for the Minn Kota/Humminbird Giveaway.

Stick it
Stick some cash in your pocket when you stick a MinnKota Talon on the back of your boat. Minn Kota is offering up rebates on the purchase of a new Talon thru August 1st. After you lock down the deal, be sure to lock down the Talon with a NEW Talon security kit. Still not anchored on the idea of putting a Humminbird Talon on your boat? Check out what some of the pros are saying about this shallow water anchor at

Coming up on Addictive Fishing
“The Bimini Boys” set out on the 60’ Star brite sportfisher to get hung up down deep. With Capt. Peter Dornau (President of Star brite) at the helm and Capt. Kevin Cote from Bimini on the deck, it takes Blair no time at all to get hooked up. In 922 feet of water, it takes Blair longer to drop his bait to the snapper than it takes the snapper to eat his bait. Tune in for the first of this two part episode starting Friday @ 10:30am. Catch it again Sunday @ 9:30pm and Tuesday @ 6:00am on SunSports. Can’t get enough Addictive Fishing on the tube? Subscribe to the AFYouTube channel. It’s FREE and airs any episode at the click of a mouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an added bonus, Mr. Producer will throw in this week’s episode in its entirety on Tuesday!

Mogan of the Week
We had to dig back to the pre-Debby era to find this week’s Mogan of the Week and found this guy. Steve Meyer used a DOA shrimp to subdue this Mogan trout. That “new penny” shrimp is an old time favorite and there’s proof in the pudding that it works. Good goin’, Steve!

Fighting back with a flood of news,