slippin' away

Time flies when you’re on the run! It’s already the middle of April and the crew is working overtime shooting footage. The Mogan Man is splitting away for seminars. Before we know it, summer will be here and it will be time for Mogan Mania! It’s times like these that you want to keep an eye on the clock or you might miss a few minutes.

FINS Tour – Tampa
Hey Tampa, come out to Tampa Fishing Outfitters this Saturday for a FINS Braid in the USA Tour stop with the host of Addictive Fishing, Capt. Blair Wiggins. Come out to meet the Mogan Man, learn how to catch more fish with FINS Situational Braid and take advantage of the spring deals and discounts. Blair will be there from noon – 3 pm and giving a seminar at 1 pm. That’s Tampa Fishing Outfitters @ 3916 West Osborne Ave.,
Tampa, FL 33614. See ya there!

Get Juiced Up
Our new sponsor, Optima Batteries, is charged up about the 2012 season! From now until May 31st, Optima Batteries is offering a $25 rebate when you wire in the Ultimate Power Source. Slip in a high performance AGM battery from Optima and feel the power.

Coming Up on Addictive Fishing
We’re slipping in “Relentless Fog” this week. Get a load of the Mogan Man doing the tuna two-step out of Louisiana with Capt. Mike Ellis. Blair puts the Flats Blue offshore series rods to the test while pitching a DOA Swimming Mullet to countless blackfin and yellowfin tuna in 1,100 feet of water. Catch the excitement Friday @ 10:30 am, Sunday @ 9:30 pm and again on Tuesday @ 6:00 am on SunSports. Can’t get enough Addictive Fishing on the tube? Subscribe to the AFYouTube channel. It’s FREE and airs any episode at the click of a mouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an added bonus, Mr. Producer will throw in this week’s episode in its entirety on Tuesday!

Mogan of the Week
Stop by the DOA Lures booth at any fishing show and you’re bound to hear someone say “You can’t catch fish on those!” It’s usually Jerry McBride from DOA Lures who says it. Jerry graced our FaceBook page with his presence this week with a beautiful trout caught in his swimming pool … using a DOA Baitbuster. Thanks for the picture, Jerry. Maybe next time we’re in town you’ll invite us over to go swimming.

Pulling out the Slip ‘n Slide,