a full basket

Easter weekend’s here and the kids have their eggs ready for coloring. The AF crew is out on location this week which means this bird is going to sing. Since the news crew is left holding the basket, we’re spilling the beans on some colorful news we’re just dyeing to tell you about.

Mogan Mania
Nothing brightens up the day of the Mogan Militia like the announcement of Mogan Mania. Mark your calendars, request your vacations days and make your reservations! The 12th Annual Fan Fair Fiesta will be at River Palm Cottages, August 17-19. River Palm Cottages has blacked out the dates to the general public to assure we get as many Maniacs in as we can in one location. To make reservations, call Ace at 800-305-0511 and tell him you want a room for Mogan Mania. You better hurry because everyone in the Mogan Lounge was given the news a few days ago!

Coming up on Addictive Fishing
The Mogan Man travels to the dark waters of the Everglades to catch snook on topwater in the middle of the day, in the middle of winter. Capt. Kevin Mihailoff guides Blair and his box of MirrOlures to the “Sweetwater Snook” in this week’s episode. Catch the excitement Friday @ 10:30 am, Sunday @ 9:30 pm, Monday @ 10:00 pm and again on Tuesday @ 6:00 am on SunSports. Can’t get enough Addictive Fishing on the tube? Subscribe to the AF YouTube channel. It’s FREE and airs any episode at the click of a mouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an added bonus, Mr. Producer will throw in this week’s episode in its entirety on Tuesday!

Project Snook
During this week’s show, keep an eye out for Project Snook: Part 7; our continuing coverage of Mote Marine’s breeding and research program. It’s very important to the AF family to support the efforts of MOTE by raising funds to keep the program going. That’s  why 100% of the donations taken in by Project Snook go directly to Mote’s Aquaculture Park. In the first year of collecting donations from corporate sponsors and generous fans of Addictive Fishing, Project Snook raised enough money to get a matching grant from University of South Florida to buy much needed equipment to help the project grow. Invest in the future of our fisheries by making a small contribution to Project Snook.

Mogan of the Week
This week on the web, Richard Gustin stopped by the AF FaceBook to show off his slob of a spec. Richard was using his Flats Blue rod and Sabalos reel by Wright & McGill on a recent fishing expedition when he landed his beautiful trout. If you have a photo to show off and a story to tell, post it on our FaceBook page or stop by the Mogan Lounge to brag about your catch.

Thankful not to be a chicken this month,