The Mogan Man is out on location while Mr. Producer is strapped to the editing console. The crew is hard at work and pounding out new episodes this week. To get an idea of what goes on during the shoot, check out the web exclusive video Kevin put together. Join us for a round of applause for the winners of the DOA Lures Paddle Tournament. We’ll have more news right after this…

We are happy to report no casualties! After the forecast took an ugly turn for the worse, over a hundred kayaks took to the waters that most boaters would not dare to enter. Strong winds and scattered thunderstorms plagued the morning plans of many but later disappeared from the radar. Using only the lures provided by DOA Lures, many fish were caught and many prizes were won.

Kids Division              Logan Marcowich
Jr. Division                  Brandon Strasbough
            Adults Division
3rd Jeff Harrell
2nd Chuck Statham
1st Bob Gallott
After the fact
Did you get a heaping helping of “Brunswick Stew” this week? Join Mr. Producer for dessert with a web exclusive. After the Fight gives a behind the scenes look at what went into shooting the show. Get the scoop straight from the Mogan Man and the show’s Producer, Kevin McCabe as they relive the moments that made the show.

Coming up on Addictive Fishing
The Mogan Man travels to the dark waters of the Everglades to catch snook on topwater in the middle of the day, in the middle of winter. Capt. Kevin Mihailoff guides Blair and his box of MirrOlures to the “SweetwaterSnook” in this week’s episode. Catch the excitement Friday @ 10:30am, Sunday @ 9:30pm and again on Tuesday @ 6:00am on SunSports. Can’t get enough Addictive Fishing on the tube? Subscribe to the AFYouTube channel. It’s FREE and airs any episode at the click of a mouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an added bonus, Mr. Producer will throw in this week’s episode in its entirety on Tuesday!

Project Snook
During this week’s show, keep an eye out for Project Snook: Part 7; our continuing coverage of Mote Marine’s breeding and research program. It is very important to the AF family to support the efforts of MOTE by raising funds to keep the program going. That is why 100% of the donations taken in by Project Snook go directly to Mote’s Agriculture Park. In the first year of collecting donations from corporate sponsors and generous fans of Addictive Fishing, Project Snook raised enough money to be matched by a grant from University of South Florida to buy much needed equipment to help the project grow. Invest in the future of our fisheries by making a small contribution to Project Snook.

Mogan of the Week
There’s Mogans in Mississippi! Jon Bryan from Daphne, AL joined the ranks in the Mogan Lounge last week and posted this picture of a Mississippi redfish. A couple of days later, Jon brought his “little buddy” by the Dick’s Mogan Tour to meet the Mogan Man. Jon, welcome aboard! You’re our Mogan of the Week.

Bringing up the rear,