The news room is still in the process of making changes for the New Year. As we continue to remodel, here are a few tidbits to bring you up to speed with the goings on at Addictive Fishing.

We are streamlining and simplifying, styling and profiling this year. As you may have noticed, this week’s article looks a little different. We are going away from the old emailed newsletter format and converting over to a blog style news format. People using sites like iGoogle can now setup their home page to access email, news, calendar, AF Blog and the AF YouTube Channel all in one place. Now that’s logistics! Don’t get left out of the conversion because Mogan Mail as we know it today will be going away at the end of the month. Get signed up for the all NEW and improved AF Mogan Blog!

Do you YouTube?
Can’t get enough of Addictive Fishing? Watch full length episodes on YouTube. Mr. Producerman continues with his weekly uploads with both new shows and archived classics. Check out the 2002 Season Finale! Jacks on topwater, 130-pound tarpon on fly, black drum from a canoe… this show has all the best highlights from 2002. While you are watching, get subscribed to keep up with all of our latest uploads.

This week on Addictive Fishing:
“Bits & Bites” is a compilation of segments from other shows we just couldn’t fit within the 30 minute format. This episode has some laugh out loud moments when Capt. Blair finds out how well the Minn Kota Talon works while hooked up with a big redfish from the poling platform. Skeet Reese, World Champion bass angler, also learns what a real fish looks like when he comes face to face with a Mosquito Lagoon redfish. Catch the next episode Monday @ 6 am, Wednesday @ 4 pm and Saturday @ 8:30 pm on Sportsman Channel.

Mogan of the Week
This week’s pick comes from the Mogan Lounge which has a constant stream of multimedia. Thanks to our fans, the Lounge is quickly becoming a hot little hangout on the web to swap fish tales. This week, Nick Kerkmann posted pictures of some Mogan redfish caught in the Indian River on the east coast of Florida. This 46-inch Mogan put up a great fight and put a real bend in the 7’9” Flats Blue rod. Way to go, Nick!

Resetting the twigs,