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Clowning Around on Discovery

We were down in the West Palm Beach area of Florida fishing with Capt. Kevin Cannon several of months ago because we were told he was the man to see about a funny looking fish called the Clown Knife fish. He's got this fishery dialed in, and sure enough he put me on my very first clown. These are some really cool and freaky looking fish that started out in people's aquariums and they just let them go in the wild. They've grown, thrived and now we're catching 'em. Check 'em out in this week's episode Saturday morning at 7 a.m. on the Discovery Channel, "Clowning Around." If you haven't seen these fish before, you just can't miss this episode!

I just got back from the Miami Boat Show last week. Had a great time hanging in the Skeeter booth, seeing lots of familiar faces and meeting lots of new faces too. We've got our new Skeeters on order and can't wait for them to be ready! We'll be filming out of them soon enough, but there's just something about a new Skeeter that gets me all excited.

Now I'm heading to Inverness to join the fine folks of Apopka Marine for their 2019 Open House - Saturday and Sunday, February 23rd & 24th. I've been coming up to Inverness for over 3 years now for this event and let me tell you . . . it's a blast! Great time, great food and awesome deals to be had on Skeeters. Enter and win a Yamaha Vmax, free food, lots of prizes, Kids casting contest and the first 50 kids get a free rod & reel. Plus, you get to meet this 4-legged team member who's name just happens to be Skeeter!

Wrapping things up right now at the MPI Studios . . . doing a little on-set filming. I'll check in with y'all next week.

Until then . . . tight lines,

Capt. Blair

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