• Capt Blair Wiggins

Calling All Cord Cutters

I'm what you call a "cord cutter" these days . . . someone who has cut cable TV from the house and only watches my entertainment now from online services like YouTube, ROKU, Amazon Prime Video and now the Discovery GO App.

In fact, a lot of people I talk to - friends, family, social media feedback and whenever I do appearances around the country, tell me they watch Addictive Fishing mostly "online". So this week's blog is for all of you, like me, who watch on your phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, gaming consoles and even on digital TV. Welcome to the 21st century of Addictive Fishing Television!!

Don't worry if you haven't cut the cord on cable just yet, the Discovery GO App will work perfect for you because you actually have to share the name of your cable provider as your login info to get the App. After that, you're all set to watch on any device.

Many people are already Amazon Prime subscribers for shopping purchases, and with that, you can now watch Addictive Fishing's last four seasons on any of your Amazon-connected devices.

Although many of you have already been watching and subscribing to ROKU for Addictive Fishing episodes for many years now, just a head's up that ROKU is a cord cutter's dream helps you access many streaming services through one device.

YouTube has been around the longest and AF has the most subscribers and videos (over 700) on the AF YouTube channel. We can also go LIVE periodically on the YouTube channel, so another great reason to subscribe here!

Facebook is the newest streaming service you will find AF airing on. Facebook Watch was introduced last year, and you can watch this season airing now on FB Watch. We also go LIVE on FB periodically to interact, answer questions and give you some behind the scenes info. It's a lot of fun!

With any of these streaming services, apps or cord cutting platforms, make sure you click for notifications so you know when the next episode is ready to watch!!

Until next week,

Capt. Blair

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