The Final Countdown

Capt. Blair and crew take a look back on the past season, new twin hydraulic jackplate from Bob's Machine Shop, and our Mogan of the Week.

This week's episode has the Mogan Man and  Mr.& Ms. Producerman showing their favorite memories from the past season along with a few bloopers. You'll get to see Capt. Blair cutting it up with some of the best guides around and see what puts the "addictive" in Addictive Fishing. You can watch this week's episode twice on Saturday, at 8 PM and again at 11 PM on The Sportsman Channel.

Can't get that fishing monkey off your back? You can get your free fix anytime, anywhere by joining the Addictive Fishing Channel on YouTube.

All Jacked Up... Bob's Machine Shop is recognized throughout the boating industry as being a leader in hydraulic jackplate  technology. Jackplates can allow you to run in shallow water, and also help dial in the optimal running attitude of your boat for improved fuel economy and performance. Recently, Bob's Machine Shop has designed the Double Jac, designed to lift twin outboards with a single hydraulic pump ! This will be a great benefit to larger boats running twin outboards. Stop by their website and see their complete product line.

$$$ From Minn Kota...Check out these promotions from Minn Kota. Looks like a great time to buy a new trolling motor or Talon. You can thank me later...

Mogan of the Week . . . Alejandro Feliciano caught this largemouth bass on his new Gen 2 Flats Blue rod. First fish on the new rod. Good stuff Alejandro!!! 

New Season Starts Soon . . .The new season of Glee . . . just kidding. The new season of Addictive Fishing will air on Friday, April 5th on Fox Sun Sports at 10:30 a.m. (due to Florida Pro sports teams' schedules, check your local listings for replays).  Time to set those DVR's.

Mogan Lounge cracks 160 . . . We just passed the 160 member mark this week and the NEW Mogan Lounge is starting to fill in nicely with Mogan pics. Keep them coming, let me know the who, where and what of your catch and you may be our next MOTW!!! Please tell all of your friends and family to join us. It's like rehab for Mogan Maniacs. 

These pretzels are making me thirsty . . .

Catfish Whatley