One Ends . . . Another Begins . . .

The 2013 Season of Addictive Fishing starts next Friday!!  This week, tune in to see Capt. Blair and crew take a look back at the 2012 season, some new Mogan / Costa gear hitting the shelves soon at Dick's, check out our Mogan of the Week, and the Mogan Man Speaketh!

This week's episode has the Mogan Man Mr. Producerman and Trice showing their favorite memories from the past season along with a few bloopers. You'll get to see Capt. Blair cutting it up with some of the best guides around and see what puts the "addictive" in Addictive Fishing. You can watch this week's episode twice on Saturday, at 8 PM and again at 11 PM on The Sportsman Channel.

Can't get that fishing monkey off your back? You can get your free fix anytime, anywhere by joining the Addictive Fishing Channel on YouTube.

New Addictive Fishing Gear. . . Be on the lookout for the newest line of  Addictive Fishing shirts and visors available in early spring.  Check out the Mogan Series Costa Apparel at Dick's Sporting Goods stores coming soon!!

Chill Out . . . Engle has a full line of performance coolers and portable fridges/freezers for almost any application outdoors. Check out their complete product line to find the perfect cooler for you.

Mogan of the Week . . . Scott Truong, from Orlando, caught this 6 lb. largemouth fishing a local pond. Nice job Scott!!! Make sure we release those spawning bass guys. They are the future of our fishing success!

Thanks to everyone who has joined the Mogan Lounge. Please tell all your friends and family to join. Post those Mogan pics and hang out with fellow fish heads. You might be our next Mogan of the Week!!!

It's almost that time . . .The new season of Addictive Fishing will air on Friday, April 5th on Fox Sun Sports at 10:30 AM (due to Florida Pro sports teams' schedules, check your local listings for replays). Play it!!!

The Mogan Man Speaketh . . . and boy does he have a lot to say! For the first time EVER in the history of AF your weekly Mogan News will be brought to you by Capt. Blair Wiggins himself.  Yup, that's right Maniacs.  The AF crew can't tell you how excited they are that Capt. Blair will be sitting down each week to bring you the news directly from the water (possibly even typing with one finger as he's hooked up fighting a fish - it can happen).  For me, Catfish Whatley - it's that time of year again, the days are getting longer, the fish are biting, and it's time to take a little break from the grind of eating, sleeping and writing about fish. So . . . I think I'll go do a little fishing. (What did you expect?)

Don't fret . . . I'll be around skimming the bottom and slimin' your lines!  

Catfish Whatley